Learn with Samuel Bancroft.com

Who is Samuel Bancroft?

I am a third year BSc Hons. Applied Computing student who has always had a passion for all things computer related.

At the age of 12 I picked up a book called "Programming your BBC Master with BBC Basic" and that was that, I was a geek.

I love being able to make computers do what I want them to do and enjoy helping others to be able to understand and command them too.

What does this site provide?

If you want to know how to make a website using the latest standards or create a stock inventory system with .NET or even create a stock inventory system and make it accessible via a web app - this site is the starting point for you.

Through a combination of videos, written instructions, code samples and quizzes, this site aims to help you become acquainted with the wonderful world of making real use of a computer.

Who is this site aimed at?

The short answer is anyone with an inquisitive mind and the will to succeed. The more honest answer is people with a minimum of A level, or equivalent, education with good numeracy, literacy and logic skills.

The logic skills, although important, will come with practice, a computer is pure logic - it only ever does what you tell it. If the program doesn't work it is the programmers' fault.